"We have belonged to at least four other online programs and none of them have been half so organized or motivating."

At Lampstand Press, our mission has always been to encourage and enable full-family learning to the glory of God.

We provide online classes that support families using the Tapestry of Grace curriculum. Experienced Tapestry classical educators use Blackboard Collaborate and StudyPlace—industry leaders in providing online learning platforms for education—to tutor students weekly in the humanities. This interactive, audio-visual software enables us to conduct Socratic discussion courses in history, literature, government, based on popular Tapestry discussion scripts. Using this same online software, writing classes also meet weekly with their instructors, get feedback on rough drafts, and grades on completed papers. Classes at the Lampstand Learning Center provide an intimate, dynamic learning environment for students from all over the world.

Now also offering: Health and Wellness, Logic, Economics, and Grammar.


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