"The Learning Center has been a blessing and we will be signing up for more courses next year! Thanks so much for taking the time to help us teach our children!"

"The kids are graded on their performance and preparedness, and I have loved this feature. It has spurred my daughter to dig deeper, reach farther, and give more. I sit back and I see my daughter growing in leaps and bounds: in her study skills, in her communication, and in her literature and history knowledge."

"Way to go, Learning Center staff! You have blessed our family so far beyond anything we thought possible when the school year started. We feel privileged to have been a part of this first year."

"Overall, it has been a great benefit to my son and to our family. Prior to enrolling, our rhetoric discussions were taking hours and both he and I were getting burned out."

"I love how it is working out with the Learning Center. My student and I have our great discussions and then she goes into her class. I have the opportunity to share our worldview with her and bring our family's values and thoughts into her mind and then the teachers expound on a larger worldview — I love it!"

"This is his favorite class."


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Week Beginning Tapestry Week-Plan
September 41–2
September 113
September 184
September 255
October 26
October 97
October 168
October 239
October 3110
November 611
November 1312
November 20Thanksgiving Break
November 2713
December 414
December 1115
December 1816
December 25Christmas Break
January 1Christmas Break
January 817
January 1518
January 2219
January 2920
February 521
February 1222
February 1923
February 2624
March 525
March 1226
March 1927
March 26Easter Break
April 228
April 929
April 1630
April 2331
April 3032
May 733
May 1434
May 2135–36