Student Guidelines

Welcome to online learning with the Lampstand Learning Center! We want you to know that each and every one of your dedicated teachers is excited that you have been selected by the Lord to partner with her to learn all that God has for you this year. The guidelines below will enable you and your classmates to get the most out of your classes. Our goal is to interact with all people in a Christ-like way and to be obedient to the laws that govern copyrights. For these reasons, please print out these guidelines and review them periodically to make sure that you are abiding by them.

  1. Do not share login information or course documents with anyone else, except your parents, for any reason. Such sharing violates copyright law, and could result in your expulsion from the course with no tuition refund.
  2. Show consideration to others by being early to class!
    • Plan to sign into each class at least 15 minutes prior to start time but not more than 30 minutes before start time.
    • Have your headset plugged in and ready to use before the start of each class.
    • On entering the classroom, run the Audio Setup Wizard to confirm that your headset is working.
    • Sign into Blackboard with your first name and last initial so you can be easily identified by your teacher and classmates. (Please use this same name all year long.)
  3. Only use the whiteboard before class if your teacher has permitted it. Whiteboard use must be respectful (images and words must not offend other students, siblings that are possibly in the same room, parents, or teachers).
  4. Weekly class attendance is mandatory for those in classes using the Tapestry of Grace curriculum. You may have one excused absence per unit (or quarter).
    • You may only miss class when your parent has authorized an absence and has emailed your teacher beforehand.
    • When you have been absent from a class, email your teacher to get any necessary class information that you missed.
  5. Participate verbally in every discussion; do not merely listen!
  6. Be respectful to your teachers and fellow students at all times.
    • Raise your hand and wait to be called on by the teacher before using your microphone, unless told otherwise.
    • Address your teacher formally. Example: Mrs. Smith (not her first name).
    • Answer verbally, not by typing, unless requested by the teacher to type.
    • Only type comments that are respectfully relevant to the questions being covered and only if allowed by your teacher.
    • Do not engage in side conversations via private chat, Instant Messaging, telephone, or other means of communication during class. You may use Blackboard’s private chat to talk to your teacher individually if necessary.
    • Keep gum or food out of your mouth while your microphone is on.
    • Do not use any inappropriate or disrespectful language.
    • Do not have any type of background noise or music playing in the room during class sessions.
  7. Be prepared.
    • Check your class page at least twice a week to see if there have been any changes in assignments, forum information, etc.
    • Likewise, check emails to see if the teacher has sent out anything important.
    • Complete all of your assignments to the best of your ability before the beginning of class.
    • Have completed assignments with you when attending class.