"Kudos to all! I couldn't be happier."

"My, am I impressed! And I must say, what a load off my mind. My daughter is getting superb teaching − seems to really enjoy it − and is working very hard. The Blackboard Collaborate software is fabulous."

"Thank the Lord for the Lampstand Learning Center — it has kept our homeschool afloat!"

StudyPlace and Blackboard Collaborate, leaders in serving online education providers, power our online courses.

StudyPlace is our secure learning management system (LMS) and is easy to use. Each course has a class page which students visit as often as necessary to download assignments, view grades, interact on the forum, etc. StudyPlace is password-protected and only students registered for a class are allowed access.

Blackboard Collaborate powers our synchronous online classrooms. Each classroom is equipped with a whiteboard that is used for presentations and visual interaction. The teachers and students communicate by voice or text chat.

The only equipment required to participate in a Blackboard Collaborate session is a computer with a high-speed internet connection and a headset with noise cancellation.

Each student must have access to a computer in a quiet setting. Siblings that are in the same class must each have access to a computer; they may not share.

Want to find out if your computer has what it needs to use Blackboard Collaborate? Check out the Blackboard Collaborate Support Utility.

Participants in a Blackboard Collaborate session can:

  • Have discussions using voice or text chat
  • Write, draw, and paste images on a shared whiteboard
  • Present materials imported from PowerPoint, conduct polls, and take quizzes
  • Simultaneously view web pages, video, and other multimedia
  • Use breakout rooms to work in smaller groups
  • View or share documents or software running on any participant's computer
  • Record sessions for later viewing or review