Virtual Co-ops

What is a Virtual Co-op?

Tapestry virtual co-ops are made up of Tapestry families from across the country desiring to provide discussion classes for their dialectic and rhetoric students. Such groups typically meet in virtual classrooms in real time to work through the discussion scripts provided in the curriculum. Many co-ops will also add in review and game days.

For information on how to begin and run a Tapestry virtual co-op click HERE.

Use the Lampstand Learning Center to Host Your Tapestry Virtual Co-op

The LLC offers online co-ops the ability to rent virtual classroom space, with priority given to Tapestry co-ops. We also offer the use of Moodle, an industry leader as a classroom management system.

All co-ops that are hosted on our site are formed independently.

Benefits for the 2012–13 school year

  • Use Blackboard Collaborate—industry leader in providing virtual classrooms.
  • Only one class active in a room at a time.
  • Record all classes.
  • Blackboard teacher and student training offered during the summer months.
  • Access to a LLC leaders-only forum on the Lampstand Press forum boards.
  • Hold monthly teacher’s meetings using Blackboard Collaborate.
  • Live monthly Q&A sessions for LLC co-ops.
  • Use Moodle as your classroom management system if desired (additional cost).