Virtual Co-op Guidelines

  1. All co-op members must own the year-plan of Tapestry of Grace that the co-op is currently using. On the LLC application, co-op leaders will need to verify this that all students own the correct year-plan.
  2. All co-op teachers must read these guidelines and agree to adhere to them for the coming school year. On the LLC application, leaders will need to verify that this has taken place.
  3. The classroom link should never, under any circumstances be given out to anyone outside of your co-op. Such sharing could result in the removal of your co-op from the Learning Center without any refund.
  4. Co-ops teachers may open their class for setup purposes one (1) hour before class.
  5. Classes may be recorded. Due to a limited amount of storage for recordings, please only record when necessary. Recordings may be erased due to storage constraints every few months.
  6. Leaders should alert the Lampstand Learning Center Director of any schedule changes.
  7. Monthly meeting space is available during unused class time only and must be reserved one week ahead of your meeting. Please send in your request as soon as you know when you want to have your meeting to get the best time available for your co-op.
  8. The Learning Center encourages all co-op teachers to have a vRoom at Blackboard Collaborate. This enables the teacher to make whiteboard slides and work in their own room to prepare for class.
  9. Co-op leaders are responsible for the behavior of their co-op members.
    • All members must sign into Blackboard with their first name and last initial (Teachers may sign in formally if they desire. Example: Mrs. Smith).
    • When in the Blackboard classroom all members should conduct themselves in a godly manner.
    • Speech, text, and images should not be offensive to other participants.
    • Members should not be disruptive to any other session that may be starting or finishing up a class.

Any co-op not adhering to the Learning Center co-op guidelines could result in the removal from Learning Center without any refund.