The Teacher Training was extremely helpful and very much worth my time. I've watched almost all of the trainings and it's almost like Marcia Somerville read my mind before she put them together! I'm so thankful for all of the support Tapestry of Grace offers!

I appreciate all the work you and your team have put into answering all of the questions you anticipate us having!

The new Teacher Training videos are really, really awesome. I'm a Tapestry veteran and I found them very helpful. Every single one of them taught me some new things and helped me see the whole picture much better. I would say they are definitely worth it.

I am starting my third year with Tapestry, but I've purchased all of these. I've found something in every single one of them that I have used to help out with this year, as well as several things on my list for the next phase. I don't think you would go wrong to purchase them.

Foundational Sessions

These hour-long videos address various topics pertaining to teaching Tapestry of Grace — a great help to new and veteran homeschoolers alike!

1. Out of the Shrinkwrap

TTT 1: Out of the Shrinkwrap

In "Out of the Shrinkwrap," our first Tapestry Teachers Training session, Marcia Somerville offers a true blow-by-blow tutorial in how to physically set up Tapestry of Grace at home, and offers a whole system for planning and administering all of your school topics throughout the year.

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2. Lesson Planning 101

TTT 2: Lesson Planning 101

"Lesson Planning 101" is all about the basics of planning lessons for your homeschooled students. In this talk, the second session in our Tapestry Teachers Training, Marcia starts by encouraging homeschooling moms to approach their overall schedules wisely. After giving practical, yet inspirational, tips on how to do this, Marcia spends the remaining half of this session walking you through an actual planning session for student lessons using Tapestry of Grace week-plan. This session is sure to be a hit with newcomers to either homeschooling or Tapestry, but veteran Tapestry moms have written to say that they picked up a new trick or two as well! Enjoy!

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3. Gaining a Vision for High School

TTT 3: Gaining a Vision for High School

In this third session of our Tapestry Teacher Training series, Marcia Somerville explores the issues of homeschooling high school. She addresses common hesitations shared by both veteran homeschoolers and newcomers, and takes a biblical approach to sorting out the conflicting messages and emotions that many parents feel in making this monumental decision. The session is uplifting, non-threatening, and envisioning.

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4. Grammar and Dialectic Students

TTT 4: Grammar and Dialectic Students

In "Teaching Grammar and Dialectic Students," Marcia Somerville's wealth of knowledge and experience, garnished from twenty years as a teaching mother of six children and as a co-op leader and teacher of over 100 other families, comes to the fore. Marcia has wise words for mothers who are in the thick of the parenting years, and both comforts and exhorts you, as she demystifies the differences between stages of learning. This session should give you a good grasp of where to focus your valuable time and efforts in each of threes stages of learning--the lower and upper grammar stages, and the dialectic years--and where not to!

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5. Teaching Literature All Levels

TTT 5: Teaching Literature All Levels

In this session, Christy Somerville, Tapestry's rhetoric Literature author, discusses the Tapestry method of teaching literature, and gives vision for this subject for all levels.

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6. Tailoring Tapestry to Fit

TTT 6: Tailoring Tapestry to Fit

In this session, Tailoring Tapestry to Fit, Marcia Somerville relates the reasons why you should plan to tailor Tapestry to your family’s individual needs. Marcia tells the story of her own homeschooling journey and encourages all parents to have the freedom to make Tapestry their own.

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7. Holding Socratic Discussions

TTT 7: Holding Socratic Discussions

In this session on Socratic teaching, Marcia Somerville teams up with local teaching moms to give a thorough explanation of what Socratic teaching is and how we use it to build Christian worldviews in our students using TOG.

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8. Developing Learning Skills

TTT 8: Developing Learning Skills

In this session, Marcia shares with you a variety of approaches to a host of learning skills. She argues that academics are "practice matter" on which your children learn how to learn, and then details the ways that Tapestry has built in aids to help Christian homeschooling parents equip their students for lifelong learning.

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